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How to search our Allfix Electrical Shopify store for best results

Searching a store that has thousands of items available can be a chore. We make searching as easy as possible by having keyword rich descriptions with lots of data including brands, part numbers, alternative part numbers, model numbers, dimensions, colours and just about anything else that can help describe more .

People Ask Us All The Time If We Repair Broken Phone Screens.

    The short answer is no we don't, but if you are in the Albury Wodonga region, then The iScreen Man is your man for the job. With fast turnaround and quality service you won't find better on the border.

    Located next to BlackLine Music store more .

Installing a Dishwasher Hose May require a Dishwasher Drain Hose Extension Kit

You finally got that dishwasher you’ve been eyeing, and you can’t wait to hook it up. Thoughts of a more manageable kitchen life dance through your head as the very notion of it makes you grin. That perfect little area next to the sink calls out more .

Hot Water, Fridge, and Freezer Thermostats Bring Comfort to Our Lives

Thermostats are found in multiple household appliances. They control temperature allowing us to enjoy many of the modern creature comforts. A fridge thermostat enables us to store food at the precise temperature which will prolong its life more .

Find Affordable Washing Machine Outlet Hoses and Extension Kits Online

The washing machine is one of the most popular appliances in any 21st Century household. The notion of being able to launder your clothing with the touch of a button and then dry them while you do other things is a coveted benefit of having more .

Replacing an Evaporative Water Cooler Pump

If you live in a hot or dry area, you may be using an evaporative water cooler to keep your home comfortable. They do work better than air conditioners in dry climates, but they also require more maintenance. One of the things that gives out more .

Find an Evaporative Air Conditioner Water Pump Online

Many people choose to cool their home with evaporative air conditioners. These are typically used in areas with hot, dry air and they can help keep your family more comfortable during the summer months. Owning this type of air conditioner means more .

Find the Right Range Hood Filter Online

When you cook on your stove, there are often fumes and smoke that emanate from your pots and pans. The range hood can help remove that smoke from your home or filter it, so you aren’t breathing it in. If your range hood filter becomes more .

Buying Fridge Parts Online

Your refrigerator is a significant convenience in your life, even if you don’t realize it. It keeps your food and drinks cold and allows you to store food that you can prepare later. Without a refrigerator, life would be a lot more difficult more .

Find Oven and Stove Parts Online

Your oven is one of the essential appliances in your home. You use it to cook and feed your family each day, usually several times a day. When your oven doesn’t work properly, you can’t prepare meals adequately. This can have a significant more .

Finding Microwave Replacement Parts Online

Think about how much you use your microwave. When it stops working, you realize how important it is in your life. You can either throw it away and get a new one, take it to someone for repairs, or fix it yourself. The third option is the most more .

Buy Top-Quality Vacuum Cleaner Parts Online

It can be frustrating when your trusted household vacuum isn’t working properly, and most folks don’t have time to waste time waiting for a repair diagnosis or to receive vacuum cleaner parts in the mail. While larger and small appliances each more .

Where to Find the Most Affordable Clothes Dryer Parts Online

When you are experiencing a problem with appliances, it’s nice to have a trusted partner to rely on for advice, support, and solutions. For example, when you are dealing with the breakdown of an essential home appliance such as a clothes dryer more .