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Hot Water, Fridge, and Freezer Thermostats Bring Comfort to Our Lives

Thermostats are found in multiple household appliances. They control temperature allowing us to enjoy many of the modern creature comforts. A fridge thermostat enables us to store food at the precise temperature which will prolong its life, and a hot water thermostat gives us the ability to enjoy a warm shower. Thermostats give us the power of climate control to make our lives easier and more comfortable.

As you can see, the thermostat is the key component of many appliances, so it is vital that they are in good working order. Vintage, aftermarket, and brand-new thermostats share equal importance when it comes to controlling the temperature of home appliances. Thermostats may be mechanical, digital, or even programmable depending largely on the machines they control and the choice of the operator.

People typically assume that the thermostat works to regulate air flow. In fact, the thermostat senses the temperature of the air and regulates electricity. That electricity is regulated differently in each household appliance for maximum efficiency.

How a Fridge and Freezer Thermostat Works

A fridge and a freezer thermostat operate similarly controlling the temperature inside the unit. When they don’t work correctly, you run the risk of losing your groceries and your hard-earned cash. The thermostat works to adjust the air temperature inside the unit by regulating the flow of electricity to the compressor.

These thermostats operate by sensing air temperature and allowing the compressor to remove warm air. When the desired temperature is reached inside the fridge or freezer, the thermostat stops electricity from flowing to the compressor. Conversely, if the air inside gets too warm, the thermostat allows power to flow turning on the compressor.

How A Hot Water Thermostat Works

A hot water thermostat also works by regulating the flow of electricity. Water heaters may have one or two thermostats and a heating element. The thermostat controls the electrical current sent to the heating element which heats the water. Although there are some variations with different models, this is the basic design.

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