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Return Policy

Goods come with a satisfaction guarantee and we offer a full refund excluding postage and handling costs and less any unrecoverable transaction fees under certain conditions if returned within 14 days.

Items that are purchased by mistake or not wanted may be returned for a full refund less any original postage & handling charges and less any unrecoverable fees provided they are returned in sealed packaging if they were originally supplied in sealed packaging. Items must also be organised to be returned within 14 days of the date of shipping and this notification must be in writing either by email or store message. In the case of electrical items, they must not have not been fitted or used in any way including the connection of any electrical terminals whether the item has been connected to an electrical source or not.

It is your responsibility to ensure that we receive the returned item safely and in good condition, so adequate packaging to avoid damage in the post and also signature on delivery post is recommended.

For items which are returned and don't satisfy our return policy conditions or common law provisions as setout by Australian Consumer Law, then a refund may be refused altogether or if accepted at our discretion then a 25% or greater restocking fee will apply. This restocking fee will apply to items that have been posted later than 14days from the original shipping date without any prior notification or have been fitted or used if they are actually accepted for return at all. We reserve the right to refuse a refund altogether for items which do not satisfy our return policy conditions.

Any items which consist of multiple parts will not be refunded unless all of the parts are returned and in as new condition. Any items supplied in sealed packaging are not able to be returned if removed from the sealed packaging unless covered by warranty or Australian Consumer Law provisions. Items must be returned with all original packaging, whether sealed or not.

Electrical items which have a possibility of being damaged by the equipment they have been connected to will not be able to be returned or refunded at all if used or connected in any way. An item which has been used or fitted may be able to be returned for a refund less restocking fee applied entirely at our discretion.

Some items may not be allowed to be returned at all or even covered by manufacturer warranty if they have been fitted to an appliance but that has not been done by a licensed contractor or tradesperson if the law requires that to be the case. As local laws and jurisdictions can vary by state and country it is your responsibility to ensure you are complying with the law when fitting an electrical or gas appliance part. In general any electrical appliance wired directly to the mains can only be worked on by a licensed electrical contractor and any gas appliance can only be worked on by a licensed plumber & gasfitter.

Items which were originally sold with free postage will only be refunded the original sale amount less the actual postage incurred by us to send the item and also less any unrecoverable fees. Eg if an item sells for $50.00 with free postage and the actual postage cost is $10.00 then only $40.00 less any PayPal fees or credit card fees will be refunded. We keep detailed records so this information is always available.

Note when refunds are done via PayPal, which will be the case if the original payment was made using PayPal, then the refund will usually not appear back in the originating account straight away, whether it was funded from a bank account or a credit card despite the fact that it leaves our PayPal account immediately. This is because of normal bank clearance times.

Any refunds made via PayPal or credit card either for change of mind returns or order cancellations will have any unrecoverable costs such as PayPal transaction fees or Shopify credit card processing fees deducted from the refund.

Postage costs for return of items sent by mistake by us or not as described will be completely covered by us. If you receive something in error or damaged without any evidence of poor handling by Aust Post, please contact us first on (02) 60562944 during office hours. In most cases we will either provide a prepaid satchel for the return of the item or will reimburse you for out of pocket postage costs as well as refunding your original postage in the case of genuinely not as described items. We may require photo evidence of any damage or incorrect description prior to return. In some cases return may not be necessary at our discretion. Any necessary replacements will also be provided free of charge if the responsibility for the error is ours. In the case of damage which appears to be the fault of Aust Post, then the claim needs to be directed to Aust Post.

Our postal address for returns is:-

Allfix Electrical
PO Box 701,
Wodonga, VIC, 3689