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How to search our Allfix Electrical Shopify store for best results

Searching a store that has thousands of items available can be a chore. We make searching as easy as possible by having keyword rich descriptions with lots of data including brands, part numbers, alternative part numbers, model numbers, dimensions, colours and just about anything else that can help describe an item.

Try to keep searches as simple as possible until you narrow down what you are looking for. For a genuine part, sometimes the brand & part type or the part number (if known) or a number written on the original part may be all that is required.

Be aware that some parts may suit thousands of different models so the model list we provide for any given part is unlikely to be complete unless it is a very specialised item.

Searches return both exact matches and close matches unless the search term is enclosed in double quotes - eg a search for AF201 finds 22 products all of which are interchangeable except for three but a search for "AF201" finds only the 19 products that are equivalent to each other.

Items can be excluded from search results by added a minus sign in front of the unwanted item or term - eg searching for "AF201" -paper finds only the bags equivalent to AF201 that don't mention paper in the listing.

Adding OR (must be in capitals) in between search terms will find instances of one search term or the other - eg searching for AF201 OR AF102 finds 33 items. Searching for "AF201" OR "AF102" finds 22 items which are all of the products equivalent to either AF201 or AF102.

Searches with more than one term find listings that contain all of the terms including close matches unless the terms are enclosed in double quotes and then it just finds listings that have only all of the exact terms - eg "AF201" "high filtration" finds all the items equivalent to AF201 that have high filtration qualities.

These rules can be used to create quite narrow searches to find a small group of related items at a time - eg fridge "low voltage" "fan motor" -LG -Samsung finds all of the low voltage fridge fan motors that we have listed except for those used in either LG or Samsung models.

Visit our online store and find the part you need easily and quickly using these handy tips.