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Whirlpool Washer Agitator Clutch Drive Dogs (Pkt 4) # LP338, WA338

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Building Trust in Transactions (tm)
Building Trust in Transactions (tm)
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Whirlpool Agitator Cam Dog Kit for Large Washing Machines (Pkt 4).

Part No. LP338, WP017. Similar to WA387091, WA338, 387091, 285770.

Fits Part nos. 285751, WA285751, LP255, 2837, 3351019, 387092, 3947410, AP3094521, PS334624, WHI285751, 285811, WA285811, 285746, WA285746, 3138838, WA3363663, 3363663.

Agitator dog kit to fit the cam assembly in the top of large Whirlpool washing machine agitators.
Kit includes four dog ears.

We also stock the complete cam kits elsewhere in the store. These dogs fit all of the different cam kits used.

Fully guaranteed.

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