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Whirlpool Genuine 13mm Right-Angled Inlet Valve - Part # 461971016721

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Whirlpool 13mm Right-Angled Single Water Inlet Solenoid Valve.

Part No. 461971016721, WP029.

Equivalent to 481228128382, WA481228128382, WP029, 3283190012, 12NC4619, 71076151.

Other numbers on valve body - 3283190012, 12NC4619, 71076151.

Outlet suits 13mm hose. Inlet is standard 3/4" BSP standard tap thread (actual thread diameter 1").

240VAC coil. Not suitable for Fisher & Paykel machines.

The coil can be rotated to suit some machines.

Connection is via a small 2 pin rectangular receptacle.

The bracket has two notches 48mm apart and is designed to be inserted into the panel and twisted into place until the notches lock into holes on the panel. No screws are required.

Flow rate 15litre/min.

Easy to fit. Fully guaranteed.

If you are unsure of the suitability, contact us with the brand and model number of your machine.

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