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Whirlpool Dishwasher Drain Pump Motor - Part # UNI208

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Aftermarket Whirlpool Dishwasher Drain Pump Motor.

Part No. UNI208, Plaset Cod 64747. Equivalent to genuine part. Part No. 481236018558, 481236018508, Plaset COD72894

Appropriate for Whirlpool 6ADP5550WH, 6ADP8540IX and many other models including:-


ADP7740/3WH, ADP7962/3WH, ADP7966/3WHM, GSF8971WS, GSF8984WS, GSFP3988WS, GSFS4449, GSX7551, GSXP7988




ADP8322, ADP8332, ADP8500, ADP8501, ADP8502


ADL347/1, ADL347/2, ADL934/1SAV, ADL934/1SWH


APDW/2, ADG7340, ADG7440, G2PDWI/1WH, ADG6340/1AV, ADG6340/1IX, ADG6340/1NB, ADG6340/1WH, ADG6340AV, ADG6340IX, ADG6340WH, ADG642/1BR, ADG642/1IX, ADG642/1WH, ADG6441WH, ADG6552IX, ADG6552WH, ADG6560/1WH, ADG6560IX, ADG6560WH, ADG6561IX, ADG6962IX, ADG7190, ADG7340, ADG7440, ADG7441, ADG7540, ADG7540/1, ADG7550, ADG7952, ADG7960, ADG8441/2IX, ADG8441/2NB, ADP4000WH, ADP4400WH, ADP4403WH, ADP4404/5WH, ADP4440WH, ADP4500WH, ADP4501/5WH, ADP4501WH, ADP4502/5/S, ADP4502AL, ADP4504WH, ADP4544WH, ADP4601WH, ADP4602AL, ADP4731/5/S, ADP4731/5WH, ADP4731WH, ADP4732AL, ADP5440AL, ADP5440WH, ADP5540/1AL, ADP5540/1WH, ADP5540AL, ADP5540GR, ADP5540WH, ADP5740WH, ADP5756PLM, ADP5962WH, ADP5966WHM, ADP6830/5WH, ADP6830WH, ADP6940/5IXM, ADP6940/5WHM, ADP6940IXM, ADP6940WH, ADP8332, CW492/1B, CW492/1SS, CW492/1W, CW494/1

220 - 240VAC, 50Hz. 38watts.

Manufactured by Plaset.

Easy to fit. Fully guaranteed.

The steel laminations may have slight surface rust, but the part is brand new and totally unused.

We have been supplying appliance parts to the trade and retail for over 25 years. Buy with confidence.

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