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Westinghouse WHE5200 Series 172Watt Defrost Element BF80W - Part # 140010582256

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Westinghouse WBE5300 Series 172 Watt Dual Pass Defrost Element.

Part No. 140010582256.

Replaces Part No. A01058225, A01058203.

L-Shaped double pass defrost heating element to suit some Westinghouse frost free refrigerators.

172 Watt, 301ohms, 240 Volt AC.

500mm wide, 100mm bent up ends, includes inbuilt thermal fuses. Terminated with a 3pin plug.

Fits Electrolux EHE5267BB-D, EHE5267BC-D,  EHE5267SA, EHE5267SB-D, EHE5267SC-D, Westinghouse WBE5300BB-L, WBE5300BB-R, WBE5300BC-L, WBE5300BC-R, WBE5300SA, WBE5300WA, WBE5300SB-L, WBE5300SB-R, WBE5300SC-L, WBE5300SA-L, WBE5300SA-R, WBE5300WA-L, WBE5300WA-R, WBE5300SC-R, WBE5300WB-L, WBE5300WB-R, WBE5300WC-L, WBE5300WC-R, WHE5200SA, WHE5200SA-D, WHE5200WA, WHE5200WA-D, WHE5204BB,  WHE5204SB, WHE5204WB, WHE5204BC, WHE5204SC, WHE5260SA-D, WHE5264SB, WHE5264SC  models & possibly others.

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