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Westinghouse WBE4514SA Fridge Large Bottle Bin Door Shelf TF70W - Part # 140008054029

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Westinghouse Large Bottom Fridge Door Bottle Bin Shelf.

Part No. 140008054029.

Replaces Part Nos. A00805401, A00805402.

Similar to Part Nos. A00805301, A00805304.

Large fridge door shelf.

Suits Westinghouse fridge models WBE4500WA-R, WBE4500WA-L, WBE4500SA-R, WBE4500SA-L, WBE4500WB-L, WBE4500WB-R, WBE4500SB-L, WBE4500SB-R, WBE4500BB-L, WBE4500BB-R, WBE4500WC-L, WBE4500WC-R, WBE4500SC-L, WBE4500SC-R, WBE4500BC-L, WBE4500BC-R, WBE4502WB-L, WBE4502WB-R, WBE4502SB-L, WBE4502SB-R, WBE4504SB-L, WBE4504SB-R, WBE4504BB-L, WBE4504BB-R, WBE4504SC-L, WBE4504SC-R, WBE4504BC-L, WBE4504BC-R, WBE4504SA-R, WBE4504SA-L, WBE4514SA, WBE4514SA-R, WBE4514SA-L, WTB4600SA, WTB4600WA, WTB4600WB, WTB4604SA, WRB5004SA, WRB5004WA.

Width 56.2cm, Depth 11.5cm, Height 12cm.

It is used as the bottom fridge compartment door shelf.

May suit other models. If unsure please inquire with your full model number prior to purchasing.

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