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Westinghouse WBE4500, WB5300 A Series Deoderiser Cover - Part # 140006854107

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Westinghouse White Deoderiser Cover to suit some Fridges.

Part No. 140006854107.

White plastic cover which fits over the air deoderiser tablet.
This cover is located in the fridge compartment on the back airflow panel.

Fully guaranteed. Easy to fit.

Fits models WBE4500WA-R PNC 925060013, WBE4500WA-L PNC 925060014, WBE4500SA-R PNC 925060015, WBE4500SA-R PNC 925060016, WBE4504SA-R PNC 925060017, WBE4504SA-L PNC 925060018, WBE4514SA-R PNC 925060214, WBE4514SA-L PNC 925060215, WBE5300WA-R PNC 925060019, WBE5300WA-L PNC 925060020, WBE5300SA-R PNC 925060021, WBE5300SA-L PNC 925060022, WBE5304SA-R PNC 925060023, WBE5314SA-L PNC 925060215, WBE5314SA-L PNC 925060216.

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