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Westinghouse WBE Series Door Hinge Base Foot Lever Threaded Ring - Part # A01819302

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Westinghouse, Kelvinator Door Front Roller Foot Lever.

Part no. A01819302.

Fridge door bottom hinge front roller lever ring to suit some Westinghouse WBE series stainless steel fridges including models WBE4504SA-R PNC 925060017, WBE4514SA-R PNC 925060213, WBE5304-R PNC 925060023, WBE5314SA-R PNC 925060215, WBE4504SA-L PNC 925060018, WBE4514SA-L PNC 925060214, 92506021401, WBE5304-L PNC 925060024, WBE5314SA-L PNC 925060216 and Kelvinator models KBM4502WA PNC 925060084, KBM4502AA PNC 925060085, KBM5302WA PNC 925060086, KBM5302AA PNC 925060087.

Suits righthand and lefthand hinge bases.

This roller foot threaded ring is located underneath the bottom door hinge plate under the fridge compartment door.

This is not the only foot lever ring used on similar models so if your model number and PNC number are not listed, please inquire prior to purchasing.

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