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Westinghouse WBB3400 Complete Evaporator with Defrost Element - Part # 140029279035

  • $165.60

Westinghouse WBB3400 Series Fridge/Freezer Defrost Element & Evaporator.

Part No. 140029279035.

Replaces Part No. A02927903.

Complete evaporator assembly with defrost element suits Westinghouse WBB3400 series no-frost fridge models including WBB3400AH-X, PNC 92505318800, 92505319000 & WBB3400WH-X, PNC 92505318700, 92505318900.

Defrost element specifications 136 Watt, 240 Volt AC, 422 ohms, wiring terminated in female 3pin plug.

Includes inbuilt thermal fuses.

Overall evaporator dimensions 375mm wide, height 310mm, depth 60mm.

This defrost element is not available separately.

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