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Electrolux, Kelvinator, Simpson, Westinghouse Defrost Termination Cutout - Part # 1448818

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Electrolux, Kelvinator, Simpson, Westinghouse Fridge Defrost Termination Cutout Thermostat.

Part no. 1448818. Replaces Part Nos. 1442102, 1449642, 1438051.

Cutout temperature 11.1degC. Cutin temperature 0degC.

Terminated with a 2pin plug.

Part supplied may vary as per the different photos.

Suits models RJ525V*10, WTM5200WB*07, EBM5100SB, FN360HL*7, RJ423V-R, KTM5200WB, KBM5100MB, KBM3800MB, SBM3800MB, ETM4200WB, ETE4200SB*01, ETM3900WB, ETM3900SB, KTM3900MB, KBM3800WB, WTM4404SB, N360H-L, WBM5100SA, ETM5207SA, STM3900MB, SBM3800WB, STM4200WB, SBM5100MA*3, EBM5100SB, EBE4300SB, EBE5100SB, ETM4407SA, KTM3900WB, KTM5200MB, STM3000MA*3, KBM4300WB, STM3300WA*3, WTM5200PA, STM3000WA*3, ETM5200SB, WTM5200SA, STM4400WA*3, STM5200WA*3, ETE5200SB, EBM3800WB, STM3900WB, EBM4300WB, SBM4300WB, EBM4300SB, ETM3600WB, EBM5100WB, RJ393V*10, RJ423V*10, RJ523V*10, RJ525V*10, BJ383V*10, BJ433V*10, BJ513V*10, BJ515V *10, SBM3800MA*3, KTM4400WB, KTM4200WB, KTM3600WB, ETE5200SB*01, EBE4300SB*01, EBE5100SB*01, KBM5100WB, ETM4200SB, WTM4200PA, WTM5204SB, STM5200MA*3, WBM5100PA, ETM5200WB, KTM4200WA, STM4200WA, STM3600WA*3, STM3900WA*3, ETE4200SB, FB517SA, STM3900MA*3, ETM5207SA, FT527SA, WTM3900SB, WTM3900WB, WTM4200PB, WTM4200WB, WTM4400WB, WTM5200PB, WTM5200WB, WTE4200SB, WTE5200SB, WBM3700PB, WBM3700SB, WBM3700WB, WBM4000SB, WBM4000WB, WBM4300PB, WBM4300WB, WBM5100PB, WBM5100WB, WBE4300SB, WBE5100SB, SSM6100WB, ESE6107SA*03, ESE6078WA*05, WSE6970WA, WSE6970SA, WSE7000WA, WSE7000SA, WSE7000PA, ESE6077SA*06, RS645V*10, KSM6100MB, KSM6100WB, RS643V*10, ESE6078WA, RS643V*05, WSE6070SA*4, WSE6070WA*4, WSE6970PA, ESE6078WA*4, WSE6070WB, WSE6070SB, WSE6070PB, ESE6077SA, WSE6100PA, ESE6108WA, WSE6100PA*03, WSE6100SA*03, SSM6100MB, WSE6100WA*03, WSE6070WB*06, WSE6070SB*06, WSE6070PB*06, ESE6078WA*06, ESE6108WA*03, ESE6107SA, RS645V and possibly others.

This is not the only type of defrost cutout thermostat used in these brands, so please check before purchasing if your model number is not the same as the ones listed.

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