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Westinghouse, Kelvinator Defrost Timer 6Hour/25Mins - Part # 1415435

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Westinghouse, Kelvinator No-Frost Fridge Defrost Timer.

Part No. 1415435, Spec # TQ-2001-21. Replaces Part No. 1431871, FF-3001-21.

If your timer has this part number on it, but also includes a two lobe cam on the top of the knob, then you need the part listed here.

Invensys or Robertshaw defrost timer which switches for 25 minutes every 6 hours and has an adjustment knob.

Contacts rated 5amp, 240Volt, 1/3HP.

Motor voltage rating 208-240VAC.

4 X 6.4mm spade terminals.

Note: The numbering of the terminals may vary on the body of the timer depending on which brand of timer is supplied but internally they are the same so wire it according to the physical positions of the terminals, not the actual numbers.

Used in some Kelvinator no-frost fridges including models N360F, N140F, N520F, N620F, N640F, Westinghouse RJ422BS, RJ422S, RJ422T, RJ452BS, RJ452S, RJ452T, RJ453T, RJ456T, RS623S, RS625S, RS642S, RS643S, RS652M. May also fit other models not listed.

Later revisions of some of these models from *02 onwards use the timer listed here..

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