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Westinghouse, Kelvinator Cyclic Defrost Thermostat - Part # DR105, 077B6688

Westinghouse, Kelvinator Cyclic Defrost Thermostat - Part # DR105, 077B6688

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Kelvinator, Westinghouse Cyclic Defrost Thermostat.

Part No. DR105, Danfoss Part No. 077B6688.

Equivalent to Part No. 1413141, Danfoss Part No. 077B6294

Also has the following numbers on the thermostat - 25T65, EN60730-2-9

Shaft is 6mm D-shape.

This thermostat is supplied bare, without knob or mounting hardware.

Care must be taken not to bend the capillary tube sharply, as this will damage the thermostat.

Fits Kelvinator C300C, C300D, C302D, C304D, C300H, C300HNZ, C302C, C302F, C350D, C350BD, C360H, C360F, C400D, C400F, C410F, C410H, C460F, C500D, C520F, C520H, CS330D, CB220A, CB220C, CB220D, C220DNZ, CB380C, CB380D, CB400C, CB400D, CB410T, CB413A, CB413T, CB413Z, CB414T, CS330D, CS330DN, CS330F, CS330FNZ, CS330H, CS330HNZ, CS390B, CS390D, CS390DF, CS390F, CS390H, CS390HNZ cyclic defrost two door refrigerators, & Westinghouse RB271BM, RB271K, RB271Q, RB271BQ, RB271S, RB271BS, RP342K, RP342SM, RE311K, RE311Q, RE311QWZ, RE351K, RE351Q, RE391K, RE391Q, RE391T, RP391S, RB411K, RB411Q, RB411BQ, RE441K, RE441Q, RE441S, RB421S, RB421BS, RP423BM, RP423BQ, RP423G, RP423K, RP423M, RP423Q, RP423T, RB501, RB501K, RB501Q, RE521K, RE521Q, RE521S, RE521T, RB271M-L*1, RB411M-R*1 & maybe others.

It cannot be replaced by any universal cyclic defrost thermostats such as 5306108A due to differences in characteristics.

If you are unsure of the suitability of this thermostat for your model, please contact me with the model number so that I can check with the manufacturer.

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