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Westinghouse Gas Stove Ignition Electrode + 600mm Lead - Part # 357069804

Westinghouse Gas Stove Ignition Electrode + 600mm Lead - Part # 357069804

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Ignition Electrode with Lead for Westinghouse Gas Ovens & Stoves.

Electrolux part No. 357069804.

Replaces Part Nos. 0049001195, 357044815.

Lead Length - 600mm.

Lead fitted with insulated 2.8mm terminal to fit most electronic ignition modules.

This ignitor electrode fits some of the burners in many Electrolux, Simpson & Westinghouse stove & cooktop models including 72F311S, 72F311W, 72G311S, 72G311W, 72G313S, 72G313W, 72G957S, 72G957W, 72H313S, 72H313W, 92F375S, 92F375W, DSP635S, DSP635W, EHGC64AS, EHGC95AS, EHGC97BS, ESE6633S, GBC5045W, GBC5276W, GBC5486W, GHC603S, GHC605S, GHC605W, GHC613S, GHC613W, GHC614W, GHCF613W, GHEF643S, GHC942S, GHC942W, GHC943S, GHC943W, GHCF613S, GHCF613W, GHCF643S, GHCF643W, GHCF644S, GHCG623W, GHCG922W, GHCG923W, GHC944S, GHE943S, GHL11K, GHL11S, GHL11W, GHL12S, GHL12W, GHL16K, GHL16S, GHL16W, GHL17S, GHL17W, GHL26W, GHL44K, GHL44W, GHL46K, GHL46W, GHL95S, GHL95W, GHL765S, GHL765W, GHL795S, GHM12S, GHM12W, GHP795S, GHS603S, GHS603W, GHS604S, GHS604W, GHS613S, GHS613W, GHS614S, GHS614W, GHS6032, GHS933S, GHS934S, GHS934W, GHVJ795S, GHVJ795W, GHVK795S, GSN625S, GSN625W, GSN627S, GSP625S, GSP627S, GUJ416W, GUJ418W, GUK517W, GUK525W, GUK527W, GUC5145W, GUC5345W, GUC5375W, C328.

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