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Westinghouse Gas Oven Dual Solenoid Gas Valve - Part # 8588078784010

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Westinghouse Gas Oven Dual Gas Valve.

Part No. 8588078784010.

Replaces Part Nos. 807878401, 0579001034, 1571144.

Suitable for natural gas or LPG.

Solenoids - 20VDC.

Suits models
GSN625SNG, GSN625SLP, GSN625WNG, GSN625WLP, GSN627SNG, GSN627SLP, GSN625WNG*32, GSN625WLP*32, GSP625SLP, GSP625SNG, GSP625WLP, GSP625WNG, GSP627SLP, GSP627SNG, GSN625SLP*33, GSN625SNG*33, GSN625WLP*33, GSN625WNG*33, GSN627SLP*33, GSN627SNG*33, GXN650SNG, GXN650SLP, GXN650WNG, GXN650WLP, GXN650SLP*38, GXN650SNG*38, GXN650WLP*38, GXN650WNG*38, GXP650SLP, GXP650SNG, GXP650WLP, GXP650WNG, GGP475SLP, GGP475SNG, GGP475WLP, GGP475WNG, GXP650SLP*01, GXP650SNG*01, GXP650WLP*01, GXP650WNG*01, GGP475SLP*01, GGP475SNG*01, GGP475WLP*01, GGP475WNG*01, GXP650SLP*02, GXP650SNG*02, GXP650WLP*02, GXP650WNG*02, GGP475SLP*02, GGP475SNG*02, GGP475WLP*02, GGP475WNG*02, GON474SNG, GON474SLP, GON474WNG, GON474WLP, GON476SNG, GON476SLP, GON476WNG, GON476WLP, CGN475SLP, CGN475SNG, CGN475WNG, GON476SNG*04, GON476SLP*04, GON476WNG*04, GON476WLP*04, CGN475WLP*32, CGN475WNG*32, GON474WNG*32, GON474WLP*32, GON476WNG*32, GON476WLP*32, GOP474SLP, GOP474SNG, GOP474WLP, GOP474WNG, GOP476SLP, GOP476SNG, GOP476WLP, GOP476WNG, GOP474SLP*01, GOP474SNG*01, GOP474WLP*01, GOP474WNG*01, GOP476SLP*01, GOP476SNG*01, GOP476WLP*01, GOP476WNG*01, GOP474SLP*02, GOP474SNG*02, GOP474WLP*02, GOP474WNG*02, GOP476SLP*02, GOP476SNG*02, GOP476WLP*02, GOP476WNG*02.

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