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Westinghouse, Chef 145mm High Profile Solid Wire-in Hotplate - Part # ERM326

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Westinghouse, Chef, Simpson 145mm 1000Watt High Profile Solid Hotplate.

Part No. ERM326.

Equivalent to Ego 12.14413.023, Electrolux 0122004565.

Fits many Chef, Simpson & Westinghouse stoves including models CFE532WA, CFE535WA, CFE536SA, CFE536WA, CFE537WA, EBC5211W*05, EBC5211W*32, EBC5211W*36, EBC5211W*41, EBC5211W*43, EBC5211W*53, EBC5211W*59, EBC5211W*61, EBC5231W*05, EBC5231W*32, EBC5231W*36, EBC5231W*41, EBC5231W*43, EBC5231W*53, EBC5231W*59, EBC5231W*61, EBC5271W*05, EBC5271W*32, EBC5271W*35, EBC5271W*36, EBC5271W*43, EBC5271W*53, EBC5271W*59, EBC5271W*61, EBC5451W*05, EBC5451W*32, EBC5451W*35, EBC5451W*36, EBC5451W*40, EBC5451W*43, EBC5451W*53, EBC5451W*59, PAK141W, PAK141W*53, PAK141W*59, PAK141W*61, PAK144W*05, PAK144W*32, PAK144W*35, PAK144W*52, PAK144W*53, PAK144W*59, PAK144W*61, PAK501RS*05, PAK501RS*32, PAK501RS*35, PAK501RS*52, PAK501RS*53, PAK501RS*59, PAK520W, PAK520W*05, PAK520W*32, PAK520W*35, PAK520W*52, PAK520W*53, PAK520W*59, PEK1350W-L, PEK1350W-R, PEK1350W-L*32, PEK1350W-R*32, PEK1350W-L*40, PEK1350W-R*40, PEK1350W-L*43, PEK1350W-R*43, PEK1350W-L*52, PEK1350W-R*52, PEK1350W-L*53, PEK1350W-R*53, PEK1350W-L*57, PEK1350W-R*57, PEK1350W-L*59, PEK1350W-R*59, WDE135WA-L, WDE135WA-R, WLE533WA, WLE535WA, WLE537WA.

240Volt, 1000Watt.

High profile, trim ring depth 8mm. Fitted with 4 X 6.4mm male spade terminals.

If you are not sure of the suitability of this part for your stove, contact us with the model number &/or PNC code and we can check with the manufacturer.

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