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Westinghouse, Blanco Gas Oven Natural Gas Regulator - Part # 0294001028

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Westinghouse Gas Oven Natural Gas Regulator.

Part No. 0294001028.

Equivalent to Part Nos. 029001024, 450350, 49510, 2940010-28/9, 6160595, 7058, OX127655, 1574000, 1574005, 1574012, 1575456, 1575619, 1575688, 1575700, 1575973.

Suitable for natural gas.

20mm (1/2" BSP) Bromic gas regulator for many stoves & ovens.

BM-WFIA-NG, B-0-20-HT 0.006-2.0, 1.0/5.0AGA 5149 written on part.

Suits Chef, Electrolux & Westinghouse models
DSP965SNG, CFE912SA, 94300604700, GHC614W, GHC944S, GHC604S, GHCF644S, GHC604W, GHC614S, GHL11KLP, GHL11SLP, GHL11WLP, GHL16KLP, GHL16SLP, GHL16WLP, GHL17SLP, GHL17WLP, GHL765SLP, GHL765WLP, GHL11KNG, GHL11SNG, GHL11WNG, GHL16KNG, GHL16SNG, GHL16WNG, GHL17SNG, GHL17WNG, GHL765SNG, GHL765WNG, GHC603S, GHC603W, GHC613S, GHC613W, GHC943S, GHC943W, GHCF613S, GHCF613W, GHCF643S, GHCF643W, GHCG623W, GHCG923W, GHS603S, GHS603W, GHS613S, GHS613W, GHS903S, GHS903W, GHS913S, GHS913W, GHS933S, GHL795S, GHL795W, GHL765W, GHL765S, GHL11K, GHL11S, GHL11W, GHL16K, GHL16S, GHL16W, GHL17S, GHL17W, GHL765SLPN, GHL90SNG, GHL90SLP, GHL90WNG, GHL90WLP, GHL92KLP, GHL92KNG, GHL92SLP, GHL92SNG, GHL92WLP, GHL92WNG, GHL95SLP, GHL95SNG, GHL95WLP, GHL95WNG, GHL795SLP, GHL795SNG, GHL795WLP, GHL795WNG, GHL90S, GHL90W, GHL92K, GHL92S, GHL92W, GHL95S, GHL95W, GHVJ795SLP, GHVJ795SNG, GHVJ795WLP, GHVJ795WNG, 72G311SLP, 72G311SNG, 72G311WLP, 72G313SLP, 72G313SNG, 72G313WLP, 72G313WNG, 72G953SLP, 72G953SNG, 72G953WLP, 72G953WNG, 72G957SLP, 72G957SNG, 72G957WLP, 72G957WNG, 72G311WNG, GHS914S, GHS914W, GHS914W*32, GHS934S, GHS934W, GHS934W*32, GHL92W*32, GHL95W*32, GHS902W, GHS902S, GHS912W, GHS912S, GHC942S, GHS932S, GHC942W, 72-811-000, 72-812-000, 72-813-000, 72-831-000, 72-832-000, 72-833-000, GHL24K, GHL24W, GHL26K, GHL26W, GHL44K, GHL44W, GHL46K, GHL46W, GHL24KLP, GHL24KNG, GHL24WLP, GHL24WNG, GHL26KLP, GHL26KNG, GHL26WLP, GHL26WNG, GHL44KLP, GHL44KNG, GHL44WLP, GHL44WNG, GHL46KLP, GHL46KNG, GHL46WLP, GHL46WNG, 72G311S, 72G311W, 72G313S, 72G313W, 72G953S, 72G953W, 72G957S, 72G957W, EKM6700X, 947740952, GHVJ765SLP, GHVJ765SLPN, GHVJ765SNG, GHVJ765WLP, GHVJ765WLPN, GHVJ765WNG, 72F311S, 72F311W, GHC602K, GHC602S, GHC602W, GHC612K, GHC612S, GHC612W, GHCF612S, GHCF612W, GHC603SLP*21, GHC603SNG*21, GHC603WLP*21, GHC603WNG*21, GHC613SLP*21, GHC613SNG*21, GHC613WLP*21, GHC613WNG*21, GHCF613SLP*21, GHCF613SNG*21, GHCF613WLP*21, GHCF613WNG*21, GHS603SLP*21, GHS603WLP*21, GHS613SLP*21, GHS613WLP*21, GHS603SNG*21, GHS603WNG*21, GHS613SNG*21, GHS613WNG*21, GHS903SLP*21, GHS903SNG*21, GHS903WLP*21, GHS903WNG*21, GHS913SLP*21, GHS913SNG*21, GHS913WLP*21, GHS913WNG*21, GHS933SLP*21, GHS933SNG*21, GHL12S, GHL12W, GHL12W*32, GHS602K, GHS602S, GHS602W, GHS612S, GHS612W, GHK11K, GHK11S, GHK11W, GHVJ795SLP*14, GHVJ795SNG*14, GHVJ795WLP*14, GHVJ795WNG*14, EKM6701X PNC 947805042, GHC604W*32, GHC614W*32, EHT332X PNC 949600262, EHG66X PNC 949620069, GHEF643S, GHE943S, EHT632X PNC 949600562, 92558G-M PNC 949750767, GHL46W*32, GHL26W*32, GUG534W*01, GUG524W*01, GUG528W*01.

Also suits some Blanco models.

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