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Westinghouse Black Gas Cooktop Control Knob - Part # 0019007889

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Westinghouse Black Gas Stove Burner Control Knob.

Genuine Part No. 0019007889. Replaces 0019007806, 001007845, 0019007875.

Appropriate for some Westinghouse gas cooktops including modelz GHE16S, GHE17S, GHF11S, GHF16S, GHF16SN, GHF17S, GHF18B, GHF92S, GHH11S, GHH11K, GHH16S, GHH16K, GHH17S, GHH17K, GHH18S, GHH90K, GHH90S, GHH92K, GHH92S, GHH95S, GHH95K.

The original silver knob used on some of these models is no longer available.

Knob diameter -40mm, Height - 18mm, Height including shaft - 25mm, Shaft - 6mm D, white pointer on knob.

The pointer is at 90 degrees to the direction of the flat side of the shaft and the flat side is on the left when the pointer is straight up.

If you are not sure of the suitability of this part, please contact us with your full model number prior to purchasing so that we can check with the manufacturer.

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