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Westinghouse 600mm Rangehood Aluminium Filter 553mm X 316mm - Part # 0144002129

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Westinghouse Rangehood Aluminium Filter.

Part No. 0144002129.

Replaces older 0144002127, KE3521 & KE3525 filters.

This filter suits some Chef, Simpson & Westinghouse 600mm wide Rangehoods including models RCE6W, RCN6S, RCN6W, RDN6S, RDN6S*12, RDN6W, RDN6W*12., RFC600, RFC600K, RFC600K*12, RFC600S, RFC600S*12, RFC600W, RFC600W*12, RFC602, RFC602K, RFC602S, RFC602W, RGN6S, RGN6W, WRF600US, WRF600UK, WRF600UW, WRF601US, WRF602AW, WRF602KW, WRF603UW, WRF611US, WRF616UK, WRG600, WRG600UK, WRG600UK*12, WRG600UW, WRG600UW*12, WRG601, WRG601US, WRG601US*12, WRG602, WRG602AW, WRG602AW*12, WRG602KWS, WRG602KWS*12, WRG613, WRG613UW, WRG613UW*12, WRH600, WRH600UK, WRH600US, WRH600UW, WRH602, WRH602AW, WRH602KW.

Filter dimensions - 553mm X 316mm X 7mm. 18 layer.

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