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Westinghouse 50 - 320deg Ego SPST Oven Thermostat with Switch -Part # 0541777208

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Universal Standard SPST Oven Thermostat with Auxilliary Switch suits some Westinghouse & Simpson Ovens.

Part No. 0541777208, 9780, Ego part Nos. EF55.18064.020, 5518064020 & EF42.02900.025.

Standard SPST oven thermostat 50 - 320 degrees C with additional auxilliary switch.

Includes instructions to replace original thermostat.

Mounting holes 28 mm apart, 27mm X 6mm D-shaped shaft.

Capillary length 1.4metre plus a 16cm bulb.

6.4mm spade terminals & contacts rated at 240VAC 16amp.

This thermostat suits many Westinghouse & Simpson ovens and stoves.
Fits Simpson model numbers: 62A850B*09, 62A852B*09, 62A852SB*09, 62A854TB*09, 62A858MTB*09, 62A850W*09, 62A852W*09, 62A852SW*09, 62A854TW*09, 62A858MTW*09, 62A8, 62A850B, 62A850W, 62A852B, 62A852SB, 62A854TB, 62A858MTB, 62A858MTW, 62A852W, 62A852SW, 62A854TW, 68A840TW*00, 68SA840TB*00, 62A850W*14, 62A852W*14, 62A852W*15, 62A854TW*14, 62A854TW*15, 62A858MTW*14, 62A858MTW*15, 62A850W*13, 62A852W*13, 62A854TW*13, 62A854T, 62A858MTW*13.

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