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Westinghouse 180mm Large Chrome Trim Ring. - Part # SE44

Westinghouse 180mm Large Chrome Trim Ring. - Part # SE44

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Westinghouse 180mm Chrome Trim Ring.

SEI Part No. SE44, Similar to SE112 & Westinghouse 545-1-907, 0545001907, TR-01.

Outer diameter 197mm, inner diameter 174mm.

This ring has a flat top whereas the SE112 part has a sloping edge.

Suitable for use with E5850B element

The matching 145mm ring is listed here.

May suit large hotplate on many Westinghouse & Simpson stoves including models PAD130W, PAD130W-20, PAD130BVP-20, PAD140W, PAD140W-20, PAD142W, PAD142W-20, PAD142BB-20, PAD151G, PAD151G-15, PAD151G-20, PAD161B, PAD161B-20, PAD171N, PAD171N-20, PAD501R, PAD501R-15, PAD501R-20, PAD502UB, PAD516B-20, PAD516BV-20, PAD516W, PAD516W-20, PAD518FB-20, PAD518FBV*22, PAD518FW, PAD518FW-20, PAD518FW*22, PAD505UB-11, PAD506UFB-10, PAD506UFB-11, PAD506UFB-12, PAD507RF, PAD507RF-12, PAD507RF-15, PAD507RF-20, PAD509RF*22, PAD517GF, PAD517GF-12, PAD517GF-15, PAD517GF-20, PAD519MFB, PAD519MFB-12, PAD181C*00, PAD547CF*00, PAD143W*23, PAD616FB-20, PAD616FW, PAD616FW0-20, PAD620QFB-12, PAD620QFB-20, PAD620QFW, PAD620QFW0-20, PAD504RF*00, PAF501R*00, PAF504R*00, PAD504RF*00, PAF509R*00, PAF161B*00, PAF526B*00, PAF529B*00, PAD140HW*00, PAD143HW*00, PAF140W*00, PAF140HW*00, PAF140HW*00, PAF143HW*00, PAF151G*00, PAF171N*00, PAF516W*00, PAF518B*00. PAF518W*00, PAF519G*00. PAF519G*00, PAF519G, PAF539N, PAD616FB*27, PAD616FW0*27, PAD620GFB*27, PAD620QFW0*27, PAF161B*06, PAF501R*06, PAF504R*06, PAF506B*06 and many others.

If you are unsure of the suitability of this item, please contact us prior to purchasing with the full model number.

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