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Volta Gemini U9902, Delonghi, Tiffany Vacuum Cleaner Bags - Part # PT146

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Volta Gemini U9902, Delonghi, Samsung Vacuum Cleaner Bags (Pkt 5).

Progress Part No PT146.

Equivalent to Menalux T106N, T106, T146, T146B, T182, 1940, Anlin AF253, AF561, Qualtex SDB237, Stokes V7262, Quick Fit QB150.

Similar to Menalux T120, T120N.

This bag has one of the most popular cardboard sizes in use.

Designed for Volta Dolphin U9020 Series 2, Mega Gen 3 U5010, Gemini U9902, Ultima Gen 3, U5011, Daewoo RC105D, RC107, RC170, RC190K, RC406, RC407, RC609, RC705, RC5001, RC8200, RC8500, De Longhi Domo Compact XS1000, XS1100D, Hoover Conquest VC2030, VC2034, VC9009, H5001, Silverado 1400, Patriot H9001, Smart 4410, 4430, R1, Kambrook KVC19, KVC800, KVC900, KVC1000, Modern Day Millenium 19009, Philips Piranah Mega Power 2000WTT, Samsung FC/RC/VC 5800..5899, SC4023, SC4034, SC4046, SC4047, SC4140, SC7820, SC7830, SC7840, SC7850, SC7870, SC8300, SC8340, SC8343, SC8350, Stardust Classic, Tiffany VC111, Vax VS03R, VS022 Maxim, VS032, V0071 Vivalits, V0073 Cygnus.

Packet of 5 disposable bags.

Bag dimensions: 25cm X 17cm (folded flat), Cardboard dimensions: 10.9cm X 9.8cm, Cardboard is in the middle of the bag.

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