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Volta Gemini U4502 - 05, Airflo, Kambrook Synthetic Vacuum Bags - Part # AF1025S

Volta Gemini U4502 - 05, Airflo, Kambrook Synthetic Vacuum Bags - Part # AF1025S

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Volta Gemini, Pulsar, Campus, Kambrook, Airflo Synthetic Vacuum Cleaner Bags (Pkt 5 + filters).

StarBag Part No. AF1025S.

Replaces Cleanstar AF1025, Menalux Part No. T118N, T118, T182, T120N.

Cardboard dimensions - 10cm X 11cm.

Packet of 5 synthetic disposable bags.

Includes bonus universal filters.

  • Suits Volta Compact 1375, 3601VP, U3601, Gemini Series 2, Power U4502, U4504, Pulsar Power U4503, U4505, Contour Gen 3 U4210, Mighty Mite Gen 3 U4214, Power Plus U4401, U4410, U4411, U4430, U4431, U4490, U4491, Gemini U4510, U4710, Campus Power U4700, Mega Gen 3 U5010, Ultima Gen 3 U5011, 7 Series U7807.
  • Also fits Airflo Rascal 1250, Hornet 1400, Raptor, Rebel, Phantom (old model), HSP, MonteCarlo, Dominator, Hyper, Prowler, Saturn, Continental, AFV3602, AFV4602, AFV4800, AFV4900, AFV5000, AFV3308, AFV8730, TFV108, Voyager AFV108, TFV-108, Galaxy AFV500ZP, Dash AFV4501, AFV3002,
  • Bissell Optimus, Cascade CEO11, CEO12, CleanStar V1600, V1600-B,
  • Dirt Devil DDBC1400, DDBBC, Dustflo 2000, C JO43-160, Buddy,
  • Electrolux Elite Z2230, Z2300, Z2332, U2330, Z3105, Z3115, Z4105 early models,
  • Home Choice HS818,
  • Home Hero VC0909,
  • Hoover Silverstar H4507, Tranquility H4509E, Smart Series, Super Hero 1800, Super Hero H2030B, Performer 3000, Classic 2000, Mode 500PH, 5006PH, 1800 Classic, HB1800, Turbo Power Pets H200TP,
  • Kambrook Jaguar Series, KVC11, KVC12, KVC13, KVC15, KVC16, KVC20, KVC21, KVC22, KVC30, KVC110, KVC110, KVC1200, KVC1300, KVC1500, KVC5, ZIPI,
  • LG V-C294, V-C2940ND, V3799, V4200RTV,
  • Modern Day Superbug VC862E, 2000, Space Age,
  • Nilfisk M100, Minimax, One, One Prime, Astral Comet, GM170, Coupe Series, Coupe Extra, Coupe Neo, Coupe Parquet, Coupe Xtra, Silver Coupe Neo, Go Coupe C10, C15, C210, C220, Go Series, GO, GO+, GO PLUS, GM50, GM60, GM62, GM65, Go Force,
  • PacVac VELO Backpack,
  • Pirhana ZDW1200, B2073,
  • Samsung SC4045 1800 Watt,
  • Sanyo SC164R, SCS700, SC813, SC5006, SC31, SC91, SC92, SCT93,
  • Seiger SPVACC04L,
  • Tiffany VC111, VC310,
  • Truflo TFV8720,
  • Vacforce VF001.
  • Vax V075, Axiom, Power VPGB2000, VBGS1800, Silentium VBGSP1850, VMBG2000,
  • Volta 7 series, U7807, Mega Gen 3 U5010, Campus U4700, U4710, Compact U1375, U3601VP, U3407 Compact Plus, Gemini Series 2, U4502, Pulsar U4503, U3601VP, Contour Gen 3 U4210, Mighty Mite Gen 3 U4214, Dolphin Plus U5002, U5003, Ultima Gen 3 U5011, U5011F, U3201, U3202, U3210, U4210, U4220, U4230, U6011, U1220 Compact Go,
  • Wertheim 4601, 4806, 4808, Sabre.

Synthetic material for longer life, higher filtration and more efficient dust collection.

We have been supplying appliance parts to the trade and retail for over 25 years. Buy with confidence.

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