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Volta Gemini U2810 - U2865, U2990, Wertheim 4030 Vacuum Bags (Pkt 5). # T159

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Volta Gemini U2810 - U2990, Wertheim 4030 Vacuum Cleaner Bags (Pkt. 5 + Filters).

Menalux Part No. T159.

Equivalent to Unifit UNI133, QuickFit QB133

Packet of 5 disposable dust bags + motor filter + exhaust cartridge filter.

Appropriate for Wertheim Super System 4030, Volta Gemini U2810, U2820, U2840, U2860, U2865, U2990, Tornado Magnum 4000B, 4000N, 4000O, Serenys TO2810, TO2820, TO2825, TO2825E, TO2840, TO2845, TO2845E, TO2860., TO2865, TO2875, TO2885E, TO2890. TO2891, TO6000B, TO6000BO, TO6000E, TO6000N, TO6000NO, Progress Magnum P2820, P2850, P2870, Hugin HN6000 Phantom.

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