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Volta Duo Trio U76-U78 Synthetic Vacuum Cleaner Bags (Pkt 5) - Part # AF198S

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Volta, Karcher, Delonghi High Filtration Vacuum Cleaner Bags (Pkt 5).

Cleanstar Part No. AF198S.

Replaces Cleanstar AF198, Menalux S32, 1770P, Qualtex SDB142, Unifit UNI71, UNI071 & Anlin AF198.

Appropriate for:-

Alfatec AD20, Extratec 30, Alto Aero 440/460, 640, 840, Aquaclean, Aquadry20, Bidone Aspiratutto, Bidone Lavatutto, Clarke DTV5, DTV7, Delonghi XD1000, XW1200, Electrolux Z55, V65, Z85, Supwr 1000, Masterlux & Aqualux Cyclone, Drybin, Drytec20, Electrojet, SL010, Twinstream Z53, Z55, Z65, Z66, Z78, Z85, Z87, Eureka U65, Ghibli M5, Goblin Wizard, Karcher 2201, 2201F, A2201, 2231, A2231PT, 2901, 2901F, 3000Plus, A3100, K2150, A2204, A2234PT, A2254ME, A2504, A2534PT, A2554ME, A2604, A2654, A2654ME, A3100, BY2201, BY-2201, K2150, NT27/1, Kerrick Rocky 103, Moulinex Systeme 20 (Q89), Systeme 30 (Q90), Nilfisk Aero (Also internal bag for IVB3/5), Pullman PV100, PVW100, ABS, SEMI200, Progress Hobby 2000, Mercedes NT20, NT30, Multi 4-in-1, Multi 4 Spray Wash & Go, Multi 6-in-1, Multi 6 Pro Clean Green, Multi 6-in-1EL, Multi 6 Pro Electronic, PS20, PS520A, PS560, PS562, PS565, Spitwater M5, AS5, AS10, AS59, AS400, Stihl SE80, SE90, Tornado Sac's D'Origine, Bolsas De Polvo Originales, Midyjet, Midyjet Plus, Multyjet, Multyjet Plus, Plen Air 18, 18A, 20, 200, 250, TO505, TO605, Turbojet, Turbojet Plus, Volta U55, U65, U76, U78, U85, U505, Aquaclean, Aqualine U810 .. U835, Duo, Trio, Wertheim SEM1200, SEM1600.

Packet of 5 high filtration synthetic disposable dust bags. Ideal for allergy sufferers and longer life.

We have been supplying appliance parts to the trade and retail for over 25 years. Buy with confidence.

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