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USB-C Male to USB3.0A F/M + USB 2.0A Male to USB-C F/M Adaptors - Part # PF023

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USB Adaptors - USB-C Male to USB-A 3.0 Female & USB-A 2.0 Male to USB-C Female.

Part No. PF023.

This adaptor set includes PF020 which is a USB 2.0 A to USB C adaptor, used to convert the computer with USB A interface into USB C Interface with a transmission rate up to 480Mbps and also PF030 which is a USB C to USB 2.0 A adaptor, which supports OTG function and can connect devices like U-Shield or USB disk to a notebook or mobile phone with USB C interface.

Both adaptors can be connected to charging cable or phone chargers and supports charging rates up to 3amps. The package includes lanyards. Easy to carry, not easy to lose.

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