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Universal Push-On Fridge Solid State Start Relay 1/12HP - 1/2HP - Part # PO230

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Universal Push-on Solid State Start Relay to suit most Hermetic Compressors from 1/12-1/2HP.

Supco Part number PO230.

This electronic start relay can be used to replace the start relay fitted to most refrigerator, freezer and airconditioner compressors.

The original motor overload still needs to be used.

Wiring diagrams are included for most common compressors.

Suitable for 220-240VAC hermetic compressors from 1/12HP - 1/2HP or 60Watt to 375Watt.

Eliminates start winding overheating.

Can be used in conjunction with or without a start capacitor.

Standard push on fitting to compressor terminals and includes 6.3mm spade terminal for connection to mains input. Includes removable jumper across 6.3mm spade terminals for connection of start capacitor if required.

Installs in seconds.

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