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Universal Dual Grill Simmerstat Control - Part No. 43ER-K, AU43ER

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Universal Wilson Dual Grill Infinite Simmerstat Control.

Part No. 43ER-K, AU43ER, 43ER106B1, 3070532.

Diamond H hotplate infinite control stove grill switch.

Contacts rated 13.5Amp.

Shaft is adaptable with plastic sleeves supplied to suit 3/16", 6mm & 1/4" knob sizes.

Suits dual hotplate and dual grill control on many stoves.

Works with either isolated pilot wiring or non-isolated pilot wiring. Link wire included.

Can be wired for common active or common neutral configuarations.

Can be used for 1/2" bush mount applications, or by removing the bush mount plate, it can replace screw mount controls as used in some St George, Smeg & D'Amani appliances.

Wiring instructions included. Instructions include common conversion diagrams to show how to wire it in place of Invensys, RobertShaw, VersaFix, Ego & NZ Controls simmerstats.

This part can be used in place of the blue & black Invensys dual load simmerstats such as M823-14, 0534001684, 534-1-684, MDP-102-EAC and also INF823-14, INF822-05, INF822-06 & others. It is slightly more expensive than some, but "infinitely" (pun intended) more reliable.


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