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Universal Dishwasher Mobile Tap Adaptor - Part # 0208400045

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Universal Mobile Tap Adaptor & Snap Seal to suit Mobile Dishwashers.

Part No. 0208400045, W090, DWU030.

This part is supplied to us sometimes in white and sometimes in black. This listing is for a white one.

This tap adaptor includes a chome fitting to screw onto the sink spout to allow a mobile dishwasher to be easily connected and disconnected from the water supply. The fitting screws onto a mixing tap with a screw-on aerator with a male 1/2" BSP thread. It can be used with mixing taps with a female thread with the addition of an inexpensive convertor called a "Fix-A-Tap Aerator Adaptor Suitable for Female Spouts" available from most plumbing supply outlets and major hardware stores.

Includes a pushbutton to allow drinking water to be dispensed while the dishwasher is connected.

Can be used to replace the tap fitting on most mobile dishwashers as well as fitted to fixed dishwashers to allow easy connection and disconnection from the water supply without any alteration to plumbing.

The inlet hose goes onto the brass ferrule nearer the tap end and the outlet hose goes on the plastic spigot nearer the outlet end. The outlet will take 20-22mm hose. The inlet ferrule is quite small and is designed for 10mm inlet hose, but the larger brass ferrule used on some older Dishlex models can be transferred over if you have an old one, as it screws into the tap adaptor.

I can't give specific information on which brands or models this item is suitable for. You have to decide from the description and dimensions provided and compare these with the hoses on your existing dishwasher.

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