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Universal Camcorder / Camera Battery Charger for Panasonic Models - Part # DCC1

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Universal Camcorder / Digital Camera Battery Charger with Adaptor Plate to Suit Selected Brands & Battery Types.

Part No. DCC1 + AVP adaptor.

This innovative universal Li-Ion charger is supplied with one adaptor to suit the camera / camcorder brand and battery type selected from the options available.

Suits the newer type cells used in digital video, digital cameras, etc. Not suitable for charging older NiCd or NiMH batteries.

The adaptor supplied with this unit will suit the specific brand and battery type you select. If your brand &/or model is not included in this listing then you may be able to purchase a suitable charger from one of our other listings here.

Includes 240VAC mains power adaptor and also car lighter plug adaptor for use while traveling.

Typical Charge Times:-

Capacity 3.6V / 3.7V 7.2V / 7.4V
850mAh 60 Minutes 90 Minutes
1200mAH 90 Minutes 135 Minutes
1800mAH 130 Minutes 180 Minutes


Extra adaptor plates can be purchased separately so that the same charger can work with multiple brands and models. Please contact us if you require an extra adaptor and we can list it for you.

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