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Universal 2.0metre Stretch Type Outlet Hose Extension Kit - Part # DWH53

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Universal 2.0metre 28mm Stretch Type Plastic Drain Hose Extension Kit with 19mm & 22mm Diameter ends.

Part No. DWH53, W040UKIT. Similar to DWH48, HC044, W043.

2.0metre X 28mm plastic outlet hose with 19mm & 21mm diameter straight ends suitable for many dishwashers & washing machines.

Hose can be stretched from 50cm to 200cm.

Includes 20mm - 20mm hose joiner and two hose clamps.

Ideal dishwasher extension drain hose.

Can also be used for some front loading and twin tub washing machines, but this hose does not come with a sink hook.

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