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Triple Outlet 10mm Straight Inlet Valve for LG & Asko - Part # 5221EN2003A

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Triple Outlet 10mm Straight Through Single Inlet Water Solenoid Valve.

Part No. 5221EN2003A. Equivalent to LG 5220FR2075B, WV028. Similar to LG 5220FR2009F, 5220FR2009S.

Outlets suit 10mm hose. Inlet is standard 3/4" BSP standard tap thread (actual thread diameter 1").

This solenoid valve is a suitable replacement for the triple valve used in some LG & Asko front loading washing machines including models WD-CD1412W, WD-1227RD, WD-1290RD, WD-1402CRD6, WD-1412RD, WD-1433RD, WD-1435RD, WD-1438RD, WD-1480RD, WD-1481RD, WD-1485RD, WD-14700RD, WD-14030RD, WD-14030RD6, WDC1475NCW, WM90, 10505, W600, 12002.

The metal mounting bracket is removable.

Flow rate 10litre/min. The #1 outlet has an additional flow restrictor installed. This flow restrictor is different to similar LG valves.

240VAC solenoids. 6.4mm spade terminals.

Easy to fit. Fully guaranteed.

Part supplied may be either 5220FR2075B or 5221EN2003A depending on current stock availability. Both are interchangable.

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