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Telstra, Sanyo 3 X 2/3AA Nickel Cadmium Phone Battery - Part # RBP10

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Telstra, Sanyo 3.6Volt 3 X 2/3AA Rechargable Nickel Cadmium Phone Battery.

Part No. RBP10. Equivalent to RB64, CTB10.

3.6Volt, 270mAH.

Suits Cobra AN8525, AN8526, CP464S, CP470S, CP471S, CP472S, CP474S, CP475S, CP481, CP482, CP486, CP487, CP488, CP489CP492, CP701, CP702, CP705, CP711, CP712, CP715, Code-a-phone, General Electric 2-2300, 2-9610, 2-9515, 2-9522, 5-2126, 5-2132, 5-2308, EA41X-681, GTE 3150, Omni CT300, Sanyo 3N-270AAMLX, CAS130, CAS160, CAS170, CAS1200, CAS1500, CLA1000, CLA1080, CLA1300, CLA1380, CLA1380EC, CLA1600, CLA1700, CLT136, CLT138X, CLT186X, CLT536, CLT538, CLT3300A, CLT3600A, CLT4300, CLT4600, CLT5200, CLT5280, CLT5800, CLT5880, CLT6300, CLT9650, CLT9660, CLT9670, CLTX1 & Telstra Freedom Phone 120, 220, 250, 320, 400, 440, 450, 500, 710 models.

Dimensions 15mm X 32mm X 43mm.

Note: The part supplied may or may not be supplied in a blister pack.

Plug style B:-

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