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Stylus 211 Tunnel Type Hazard Gaffer Tape 25m X 150mm - Part # 211TTBY

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Stylus 150mm x 25metre Tunnel Hazard Gaffer Tape.

Part No. 211TTBY, 42451999.

Tunnel Tape has adhesive only on the outer zone edges to create a tunnel to protect cords, cables, and wires from the adhesive material. Unlike standard duct tape, Tunnel Tape will not leave adhesive residue on applied surfaces. TunnelTape is hand-tearable and puncture resistant. The Tunnel Tape can be lifted and repositioned several times without loss of adhesion. Tunnel Tape is perfect for taping down wires and cables in convention centers, auditoriums, and TV studios.


  • No adhesive residue left on cables or cords requiring cleanup.
  • Tunnel tape is designed for use on the floor.
  • Tape can be repositioned several times.
  • Hand Tearable.
  • Puncture resistant.

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