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Stanfield Turntable Stylus Replaces JVC DT36, Aiwa AN1A, Sanyo ST34D # D1060SR

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VC DT36, Aiwa AN1A, Sanyo ST34D Compatible Turntable Stylus.

Stanfield Part No. D1060SR.

Conical diamond stylus.

Equivalent to Goldring D789SR, Soundring D904, JVC DT36, Aiwa AN1A, Denon DSN48, NEC LP75D, Sanyo ST34D, STG8, Toshiba N501C.

Appropriate for Aiwa AF5100, AN35, CEC-CDC CN1, CN2, MC1, MC2, Coumbia-Denon JM22, JVC MD1032, AS3, LS11, MF33R, MF55/II, Piezo AN218, YM218, Rank Arena RA10T, RA30MX, Rotel S400, RP400, Sanyo G2002, G3002, GXT4548, System 1020, Silver SL1010, SL1020, SLU30, SLU50, System 66, System 70, System 71, System 76, System 171, Toshiba C501M, SM2780, SM2880.

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