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Stanfield Audio Stylus suits NEC, Onkyo, CDC-CEC - Stanfield Part # D163SR

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Onkyo, NEC, CDC-CEC Compatible Turntable Stylus.

Stanfield Part No. D163SR.

Conical diamond stylus.

Similar to Soundring D569, CDC-CEC STP333, Onkyo DN8ST, DN9ST, NEC LP25D, Sanyo ST6D.

Appropriate for:-


NEC NS307, NS710, NPS222,

Onkyo OC9C, OC20C, DF700, SM600, Y11, Y100,

Piezo Y640,

Sanyo MGT1, MGT42A, GXT430, GXT4315, GXT4451, GXT4515, DC931N, GXT4551, GXT4560, GXT4565, G2416, G2515/II, G2601, G4560.

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