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St. George White Stove Control Knob - Part No. 4131W

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St. George White Hotplate Control Knob.

Genuine Part No. 4131W. Type 2.

Suits some St George stoves including models DEO6, WEO6, UEC7, UEF7, UEO6, UEO7, UEOM7, WEOM7A, UEOM7A, UEOM9, WEOM9A, UEOM9A, FER3, REPLACES, 4325W, FEC2, FEC4, FEG2, FER2, UEG2, WEG2, FECOMBIWOK4A, DEO7, WEO7, DEO6, DEO7, WEO6W, WEO6B, WEO6M, WEO7, FEG3.

Knob diameter - 35mm, Height - 18mm, Shaft - 6mm D, Total height including shaft - 26mm. Flat side of shaft points in the same direction as the grey pointer line on the knob.

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