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St George Large Oven Door Seal 2.2mtrs - Part # S3286B

St George Large Oven Door Seal 2.2mtrs - Part # S3286B

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St George One Piece Oven Door Seal for Large Ovens.

Genuine Part No. S3286B. Other part nos. 8700100P, 8600100PS, 8800100, (3286), RW370.

This gasket goes around all four sides of the oven.

Seal total length 220cm.

Seal fits around the front of the oven cavity.

Fits some St George ovens including WEO7A, WEOM7A, UEO7A, UEOM7A, DEO8A, UEO8A, UES8, DEO9, UEO9, UEO9A, DEO10, UEO10, DEO6, FED3S, UEO5, DEO3, DEO6, DEO7, WDL370, WDLV81, WDLV86, 88WEO, 88WEF, 88WKX, 88WFK, UEO6, DEO5, UECCOMBI7, FE904B, UEG, UEO1A, UEO1B, UEO2B, DEO1B, DEO2B, FECOMBI-2, FECOMBIWOK4, UEO3, WEO3, UES2AS, XG370, XGV81, XGVE81, XGV86, U81, U81FO, U86, U86FO, FE904C, DEO10, DEO6, DEO7, DEO7A, DEO7ANZS, DEO7NZ, DEO8A, DEO9, DEOM9, WEG2, WEO5, WEO6W, WEO6B, WEO6M, WEO7, WEO7A, WEO7ANZS, WEOM7, WEOM9, WEF3, UES2BS, FEC, FEC2, FEC3, FEC4, FEC7, FECCOMBI7, FED3A, FE904A and similar models.

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