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Sony ND152 Compatible Turntable Stylus - Part # D1260G

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Sony ND152 Compatible Turntable Stylus.

Stanfield Part No. D1260G.

Conical 3mil diamond stylus for 78's.

Similar to Stanfield D1260SR, Goldring D1145, Soundring D1153.

Appropriate replacement for Sony VX52P, ND152P, TCD-982W.

Also suits Aiko ACD200, AHS129, AHS222, AHS242, AHS303, AHS8841,

Akai ACSM333, APM111, APM121CD, APM222, APM333, APM340, APM525CD, APM636CD,

Amstrad CDX400, MX100, Studio 100,

Audiosonic 858-619, M8005, AWA S101, S201, SN300, CEC-CDC MC392,

Columbia-Denon SJN68,

Crown MZ1100, MZ2100, CD2000S,

Glenwood 8839, Goldstar GCD21P,

Novatech M665, MC200, MID6WD, MY32, SX4000,

Philips F1650, EAK1022, F1275, F1375, FP1650, FP9300, FP9400, FP9513, FP9650, AH300, MZ1000, MZ7347, AS645, AS660, AS665, CZ800.01, EAK1009, EAK1011, SA9300, SC1003, SC1095, SE7WT, TTXAB5, TTXC1, XA5, XA8, XA55, XA500, XB1P, XB5129, XB7002, XB8004, XC1PB, XC109ST, XC1003,

Realistic-Tandy Clarinette 121 Clarinette 122, Clarinette 123, M3500, System 100,

Samsung SML8550, VIP300, VIP330, Sanyo ST05D, STWW3, GTX180, GTX215, GTX707, GTX747, GTX757, GTX818, GTX828, GTX909, GTX949, TPX600,

Sharp STY146, STY156, STY159, CMS250, CMS750CD, DX450, GSTV5, RP304, DM215, SG46, SG550, SG750, SGF50, System 46,

Sherwood DM215,

Silver SS150, SS200,

Teac DCD2750, DCD2930, JC10, JC15, JC16, JC20, JC22, JC30, JC35, JC39, JC40, MXD10, P35, P90,

Toshiba N73C, SL3127, SL3147,

Voxson MD100.

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