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Sonotone 9TA, HMV HV17D Compatible Turntable Stylus - Part # D332SR2

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Sonotone 9T, 9TA, HMV HV7D, HV17D Compatible Turntable Stylus.

Stanfield Part No. D332SR/2.

Equivalent to D328SR2, D263SR2, D295, D296.

Suits HMV HV7D, HV17D, HV23D, Audio 10, N2-22, N3-35, N3-4Z, Tablegram, Kreisler 11-103, A118, A160, A161, RA98, National Panasonic, Technics SS3040, Sonotone 9T, 9TA, 9TAHC, 16T, 18T, Thorn SP2511.

Conical diamond stylus X 2.

The item supplied may vary in colour from the pictures.

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