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Smeg SA9066X Compatible Oven Clock Programmer Timer Module - Part # SE53

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Smeg Compatible Oven Clock Timer Programmer Module.

Part No. SE53, LED145/201.2C9.

Replaces genuine Smeg Part Nos.
816291317, 816290347, 816290741, 816290735, Bosch Part Nos. 00626912, 626912 & Baumatic 1170000537.

5 button electronic clock timer module, oven programmer, (pushbuttons not included).

Suits some Smeg ovens including the following models:-
CSA20X, SA9066AS, SA9066CER, SA9066LPG, SA9066XNG, SA9066XS, SA9066V1, SA9066V2, CSA19/A/B, CSA19, CSA196, CSA196A, CSA196XLP, CSA19B, CSA19ID, CSA19XLP, B91GMXNL, B9481N3, B9GMANL, B9GMXNL, C113GMX, C113GMX9, C6CMX8, C6CMXA8, C6GMNNL8, C6GMX8, C6GMXA8, C6GMXD8, C6GMXNL8, C6GMXNLB8, C6IMX8, C6IMXI8-2, C6IMXI8, C7GMXA8, C7GMXNL8, C92GMNNL8, C92GMX8, C92GMXNL8, CC92MX8, CC92MX9, CG92N8, CG92N9, CG92RW9, CG92X8, CG92X9, CLDFRC-10, CLDFRC-9, CX61VMLS8, CX68CM8, CX68CMX8, CX68MSE8, DO41SS, DO4BL-5, DO4SS-5, DUCO4SS, DUSC54X, DUSF44X, FS61XNG8, GM93X8, GM93X9, HB933R500, HB933R51, HB933R52, JLRC904, JLRC905, JLRC906, JLRC907, JLRCBK105, JLRCSS104, OF601XZ, OF602XZ, SA20XMFR, SA20XMFR8, SA990XR-8, SA995XR-7, SA996XR-7, SCB60MX8, SCB60MX9, SCB92MN8, SCB92MRW8, SCB92MX8, SCD60IMX8, SCD60MX8, SCD60MX9, SCD68MX8, SDO10-5, SDO10-6, SE20XMFR7, SE20XMFR8, SE995XR-7, SE995XR-8, SE996XRK7, SF9310XR, SIL68MA8, SIL68MX8, SNL60MX8, SNL60MX9, SNL61MA8, SNL61MA9, SNL61MX8, SNL61MX9, SNL926MA8, SNL926MA9, SNL926MX8, SNL926MX9, SSA60MX8, SUK110, SUK61MBL8, SUK61MX8, SUK92CBL8, SUK92CBL9, SUK92CMX8, SUK92CMX9, SUK92MBL8, SUK92MBL9, SUK92MP8, SUK92MP9, SUK92MRW8, SUK92MX8, SUK92MX9, SUK92P9-1, SY4110-8, SY4110, SY4110BL, SY4110BL8, SY4110WH, SYD4110, TR4110AZ, TR4110BL, TR4110BL1, TR4110BLD, TR4110BLF, TR4110CNL, TR4110IP, TR4110NNL, TR4110P, TR4110P1, TR4110PF, TR4110RO, TR4110RW1, TR4110RWF, TR4110S1, TR4110SF, TR4110SNL, TR4110X, TR90BL, TR90BLD, TR90CNL, TR90NNL, TR90P, TR90PD, TR90X, TR93BL, TR93CNL, TR93IP, TR93NNL, TR93P, TR93X, TRA4110BL, TRA4110P, TRA90BL, TRA90P, TRA93BL, TRA93P, TRI90BL, TRI90P, XXSE20XMFR8.

This part has 2 relays and 6 spade terminals. Only one relay and 4 of the terminals are required on some of the above models.

If you are not sure about the suitability of this part, please contact us with your model number as there are several different clock timers which look very similar.

Easy to fit & fully guaranteed.

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