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SMEG Dishwasher White Upper Basket Wheel - Part # 697410196

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SMEG Dishwasher White Upper Basket Wheel.

Part No. 697410196. Replaces Part No. 767410104.

Wheel diameter 27.0mm, thickness - 5.9mm, total length including axle - 25.7mm.

Fits some Smeg dishwasher models for the top basket including models:-

PL662X, DF55, DF56, DF612WD, DGSP60W, DI21X, DI65, DI65.1, DIL60, DIPTWIST1, DIPTWIST2, DW2000EB, DW2000X, DW2002EB, DW2002X, DW2004EB, DW2004X, DW606001, DW612HL3A, DW659FI, DW745L, DW855L, DW855T, EL01, EL961X, ELVI461B, ELVI461N, FDS55MS, FM45-1FI, FM60XI, FN52B, GI61020, GI61020E, GI61020W, GI72340W, GI72341B, GI72342S, GI72343E, GI72443E, GS60.1CN, GS60.2CN, GS63221W, GS63321W, GS72040, GS72042, GSB6052E, GSD641BS, GSD641WS, GSGP10.3B, GSGP10-4B, GSGP11.3S, GSGP11-4S, GSGP11-5S, GSGP15.3W, GSGP15-4W, GSGP15-5W, GSGP19.3E, GSGP19-4E, GSGP19-5E, GSH08SRCS, GSH08SRCW, GSI641AL, GSI641B, GSI641B.2, GSI641B-3, GSI641B-4, GSI641BS, GSI641E2, GSI641E-3, GSI641E-4, GSI641S, GSI641S.2, GSI641S-3, GSI641S-4, GSI641TT, GSI641W, GSI641W.2, GSI641W-3, GSI641W-4, GSI641WS, GSI642B, GSI642B-3, GSI642E.1, GSI642E-3, GSI642S, GSI642S-3, GSI642W, GSI642W-3, GSU641, GSU641-4, GSU651, GSU651S, GSV4052E, GSV6052E, GV51021, GV61020, GV62420, GVI640, GVI640-1, GVI7640, GVI7650, GVI7684, GVIP640, GVW820.3R, GVW820.3W, GVW820.3Z, HGV640-1, HGVI640, IG60521B1, IG60521B2, IG60521H, IG60521W1, IG60521W2, IGSP600E, IGSP600W, JGI641B, JGI641E, JGI641S, JGI641W, KEX65, KEX66, KFS60B, KFS60B-1, KFS64B, KGI610E, KGI610S, KGI610W, KGI61AL, KGI61E, KGI61S, KGI61W, KGV60, KGV640, KJG641E, KJG641S, KJG641W, KLS01, KLS01.1, KLS01-2, KLS02IL, KLS1256B, KLSB30, KLSN31, KLSX33, KS60, KS60.1, KS60-2, KS60-3T, KSI641AL, KSI641E, KSI641E-3, KSI641S, KSI641S-3, KSI641TT, KSI641W, KSI641W-3, KST60B, LL4905.2, LP6730W, LP6740W, LP6740W-1, LP6740WT, LS100.1, LS100.2, LS12B, LS200B, LS200B.1, LS330B, LS330B.1, LS40C, LS40C-1, LS40C-2, LSA6151B, LSAP6248X, LSAP6251G, LSB0.1, LSB01, LSB0-2002, LSB03NN, LSE1000EB, LSE19B, LSE39BA, LSIS45-BE, LSIS60-BE, LSS65, LV10, LV2600, LV26A, LV26C, LV26H, LVF12B.2, LVF23B.2, LVIN12, LVS1559BE, LVS454B1, LVS657B, LVS657SI, LVS657SI1, OP65, PI2002X, PK121EB, PK121NE, PK121X, PL200K, PL300KX, PL60XME, PL60XME1, PL620X, PL622X, PL700KX, PL700KX1, PL700X, PL961.2, PL961.3, PL961D, PL961D.2, PL961DEB, PL961DX, PL961EB2, PL961EB3, PL961X.2, PL961X.3, PLE961A1, PLE961AX1, PLE961EB1, PLTW62.1, PLTW620, PLTW62-2, PLTW62X, SA620EB, SA620X, SA622EB, SA622X, SA625X, SA627W, SA627X, SDCY65, SDCY65.1, SDCY66, SDCY66-1, SDCY66X, SDCY66X1, SDTW62, SG60521W, SG60521W1, SG60521W2, SG60732W, SG60732W1, SI641E, SI641E-3, SI641S, SI641W, SI641W-3, SME3100ES, SME3100W, SND3010W3, SNV60, SNZ2003W, SNZ2003X, SNZ640IS1, SNZ640S.1, SNZ640W.1, ST111, ST112-2, ST12, ST212, ST4, ST4105, ST66T, ST970E.2, ST970EK, STG1, STMW26, TDW59.2FI, TDW59/2FI, TDW59-1B, TDW59-1S, TDW59-1W, TDW59-2FI, TLV-60.3, TLV-60-2, TLV-65, TLV-65-1, UPOD452, WC420, WF710, WF710-2, WF715/1, WF720, WQP128008, WS60, WS60-1, WT12, ZBI455IT, ZWS604, ZWS604., ZWS605, ZWS606, ZZS1604R, ZZS1604W, ZZS605NR, ZZS605NS, ZZS605R, ZZS605R., ZZS605S., ZZS605W, ZZS605W., ZZS605X, ZZS605Y, ZZS605Z, ZZS606B, ZZS606R, ZZS606R., ZZS606S, ZZS606T, ZZS606W, ZZS606W.

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