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Smeg Dishwasher Upper Basket Guide End Cap - Part # 768610393

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Smeg Dishwasher Upper Basket Guide Rail End Cap.

Part No. 768610393.

Suitable for many Smeg models including DWAU149X, PL614X-1, SA8605X7, SA673X, DWAFI152T, DWA149W, DWA314SD1, SA8210W-1, DWA149S, SA823X, SA663X, DWA314X, PL614WH-1, DWAI149X, PL823X, PL8210X-2, DWAU149X, SA8210W, PL8605X, SA8605X, SA8200X, SA683X, SA8211X2, DWA157X, SA8605XT7, SA8210X7, DWAFI149, DWA314*D, SA5563WH, ST693, ST693-1, PL663X, ST663, SA8605XTD, SA8210X-1, DWAU157XT, PL8210X, DWAU315X, SA8605X8, DWA147X, SA614X, ST8605 & Omega ODW204X.

This plastic cap fits in the end of the upper basket guide rails to prevent the basket from coming out of the rails.

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