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SMEG Dishwasher Aftermarket Electric Pump Motor - Part # UNI207

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SMEG Dishwashing Machine Compatible Electric Drain Pump Motor.

SEI Part No. UNI207.

Other part numbers PMP61, Wi-07056-GRE, 223714, PMP3566, UNI6777. Replaces original part numbers 4147201, 018213, 94153117, 168807201, 657614, 792970049, 692970123.

Non genuine electric drain pump motor to fit some Smeg, Westinghouse, Merloni, Brandt, Philco & Ariston dishwashers including models LD212, LS1042, LS1052, LS1062, PL112SP, SPL112, SPL212, SPL312, SKD14, SKD12, KD12, SPST60, ARISTON, 1044, 1400JET, 1401, 1402, 1416, 1416IGB, 1416PGB, 1064, I/LS12UK, KLS12, K/LS12UK, K/LS18UK, K/LS20ELUK, K/LS9, KLS9UK, LS1024UK, LS1044GB, LS1054GB, LS1064GB, LS1094GB, LS801, LS814, LS815, LS816, SERVIS, 400, 413, 414, 415, 416, 416S, 4135, 4140, 4145, 4165, PHILCO, DW1492, DW1906, DW1906E, DW1906SE, DW2200SE, SMEG, 9080, 9090, 3086, WESTINGHOUSE, KD12, SKD14, WH722, WH722S, WH723, WH726, ELECTRA, DW12, DW12A, HOMARK, BELLING IDW600.

Less than half of the cost of the original part.

6.4mm spade terminals. 240VAC, 50Hz.

Easy to fit. Fully guaranteed.

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