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Single Inlet Valve suits many LG Icemaker Fridges - Part # AJU72992602

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Inlet Valve with Single Solenoid for LG Icemaker Refrigerators.

Genuine Part No. AJU72992602.

Replaces Part No. 5221JA2011M if flow sensor is removed.

Fits some LG fridges including models GF-D613PL, GF-D613SL, GF-L613PL, GR-L218ASL, GR-L218CSL, GR-L218STSL, GR-L219CPL, GR-L219CPL, GR-L219CPL, GR-L219CSL, GR-L219STS, GR-L219STSL, GR-L258DS.

Solenoid is 240VAC with wiring harness terminated with a 4way connector. Includes built-in sensor with 3way connector.

Easy to fit. Fully guaranteed.

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