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Simpson, Westinghouse Washing Machine Inner Bowl Top Balance Ring - # 0223203001

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Hoover, Simpson, Westinghouse Inner Bowl Top Balance Ring.

Part No. 0223203001.

Inner bowl top balance ring.

Fits many Electrolux, Hoover, Simpson & Westinghouse large & medium top suspended automatic top loading washing machines including models:-

22P600H, 22P650J, 22S650K, 22S700H, 22S701E, 22S702E, 22S703E, 22S704E, 22A704P000, 22A704P010, 22A704P100, 22A704P110, 22A704P120, 22B704P000, 22B705P, 22A705P000, 22A705P010, 22A705P100, 22A705P110, 22A705P120, 22B705P000, 22A706S000, 22A706S010, 22A706S100, 22A706S110, 22A706S120, 22B706S000, 22A707PA000, 22A707PA010, 22A707PA100, 22A707PA120, 22A707PA110, 22B707PA000, 22A708SA000, 22A708SA100, 22A708SA010, 22A708SA110, 22A708SA120, 22B708SA000, 22B710SE, 22A710SE000, 22A710SE010, 22A710SE020, 22B710SE000, 22S711E, 22B711SE, 22S712E, 22S713E, 22S714E, 22B715S, 22S720F, 22D721S, 22D728P, 22P728E, 22P728G, 22D729S, 22S730E, 22S730F, 22S730G, 22S740H, 22S741H, 22S741J, 22S750J, 22S750K, 22S750L, 22S750M, 22S750N, 22S751J, 22S752J, 22S756J, 22S757J, 22S800L, 22S801K, 22C804P, 22S805L, 22S806K, 22C806S, 22S807K, 22C808SS, 22C812P, 22C813S, 22C814S, 22S816K, 22C821S, 22S821E, 22S821F, 22C821S, 22C822P, 22P822E, 22S822F, 22S823E, 22C823S, 22S823F, 22P824D, 22D824P, 22D825P, 22S826F, 22D826S, 22D827S, 22D828SS, 22D829SA, 22S950L, 22S950M, 700LB, 750LB, K750B, 700LA, 700LC, 700LD, 700LE, 750LA, 750LC, 750LD, 800ELA, 800ELB, 800ELC, 800RLA, 800RLB, 800RLC, 800RLD, EWT806SB, EWT806SA, EWT959SA, K750C, K800B, K800C, LB725P000, LB725P010, LB725P020, LC725P, LC725P000, LC750S, LB750S000, LB750S010, LB750S020, LC750S000, LT758SA, LD800S, LT819SA, LT809SA, LT809SA, LD850SA, LT908SA, LT955SA, LT959SA, SWT704, SWT754, SWT801, SWT802SA, SWT902SA, SWT951, SWT954, SWT955SA, SWT1012A, SWT1023A, SWT1042A, SWT1043, SWT7542, SWT8012, SWT8043, SWT8063E, SWT8542, SWT8542A, SWT9043, SWT9043A, SWT9542, WWT854, WWT8040, WWT1020A, WWT8011 & possibly others.

Easy to fit.

Note, this bowl balance ring may not suit every variation of the models listed above. If you are unsure of the suitability please contact us prior to purchasing with your full model number or PNC number.

We have been supplying appliance parts to the trade and retail for over 25 years. Buy with confidence.

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