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Simpson, Westinghouse Washer Hanning Magnetic Pump Motor - Part # SP083

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Simpson, Westinghouse Washing Machine Magnetic Pump Motor.

Part No. SP083.

Type DPS25 095. Similar to 0499200049, SP055S.

Simpson magnetic style electric pump to suit some late model washing machines including Enduro, Esprit, Encore. Also suits some Westinghouse models.

Mounting hole spacing 25mm.

Inlet diameter - 24mm, outlet diameter - 24mm. Cover can be fitted in any of 4 positions.

Note, the outlet on the original genuine Simpson pump is slightly offset whereas the outlet on this pump is either in line with or at rightangles to the mounting bracket. If the angle of the outlet is important then the original pump cover must be reused.

6.4mm spade terminals. 240VAC, 50Hz.

Easy to fit. Fully guaranteed.

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