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Simpson, Westinghouse Old Type Upper Door Seal - Part # 0208400069

Simpson, Westinghouse Old Type Upper Door Seal - Part # 0208400069

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Simpson Cascade, Westinghouse Dishwasher Upper Door Seal.

Part No. 0208400069, DW026. Equivalent to Stokes DWS020.

Upper door seal used in early Simpson & Westinghouse dishwashers. Suits Cascade, Super Cascade, Electronic, Riviera, some 900 series, very early 52B850 models & others.

Presses into the groove around the stainless steel inner lining.

This seal is used on models that have a grey plastic strip with a grey rubber edge that has small notches along the bottom at regular intervals. This matching bottom seal is listed here. (If this link doesn't work it is only because I am temporarily out of stock).

Gasket length - 1645mm.

Appropriate for the following models:-

50B861BW*02, 50B881BW*02, 50B881BW*03, 50B961BE*02, 50B961BW*02, 50B961IE*00, 50B961IW*02, 50B981BW*02, 52B840BW*01, 52B840BW*02, 52B840BW*03, 52B850SF*00, 52B850SF*02, 52B850SF*03, 52B850SF*04, 52B850SG, 52B850WG*00, 52B850WF*00, 52B850WF*01, 52B850WF*02, 52B850WF*03, 52B862BW*04, 52B864BW*04, 52B866BW*04, 52B868BW*03, 52B880BC*03, 52B880BW*03, 52B880MC*03, 52B880MW*03, 52B900BC*04, 52B900BW*04, 52B900IC*04, 52B900IW*04, 52B950WF*03, 52B950WF*03, 52B950WF*04, 52B950WF*04, 52B950WG*00, 52B960BW*05, 52B960IW*04, 52B964BW*01, 52B966BW*02, 52B972WE*00, 52B972WE*01, 52B980SF*00, 52B980SF*03, 52B980SF*04, 52B980SG, 52B980WF*00, 52B980WF*03, 52B980WF*03, 52B980WF*04, 52B980WF*04, 52B980WG, 52B980WG*00, SA906B*01, SA906BE*04, SA906BE*05, SA906BE*06, SB904B*01, SB904B*02, SB905WE*00, SB905WE*03, SB905WG*00, SB908B*01, SB910WD*00, SB911KD*00, SB911WD*00, SB912WD*00, SB920WE*00, SB920WE*03, SB920WE*4, SB920WG*00, SB921KE*00, SB921KG*00, SB921SE*00, SB921SG*00. SB921WE*00, SB921WE*03, SB921WE*04, SB921WG*00 and maybe more.

Easy to fit. Fully guaranteed.

If you are unsure about the suitability of this item then please contact us prior to purchasing with your full model number.

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